Home-brew System Soup To Nuts

Price: $3800.00

This is a professional home brewing system which includes not just everything but more than you will need to become an award winning brewer. I have designed and accumulated this system over my 7 years of brewing. I will not piece this out, it is all or nothing. Too much to list but I will try to get most of the main components in here Included in the main system are… – Blichman 30 gal. Mash ton – Blichman 30 gal. 240 Volt Boil Kettle – Stout Tanks 20 gal. Stainless Steel HERMS System with all valving and probes. – 2 ea. 120 volt high volume pumps with three way valving – 1 ea. counterflow chiller – 8 ea. 5 gal. soda kegs with fittings no rust all operate perfectly. – 1 ea. 5 head keezer holds six 5 gal. soda kegs with C02 manifold and 1 ea. 5 lb. C02 bottle with regulator – 1 ea. SS brew-tech conical fermentor in perfect condition. – 1 ea. Fermentation refrigerator with STS digital PID regulator. – All necessary and included hosing, fittings, mechanical pieces, tri clamps, sparging tube, hope screen, chemical washes, sanitizers, water treatment products as well as a brix meter, and PH meter. – 1 ea. digital three PID electronic 240 volt control box with digital thermometers for each kettle

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