2 BBL Direct fired Brewing System

Price: 40,000

  • Philadelphia
  • This position has been filled

This is a US made 2BBL turnkey brewing system. This is a list of everything that’s included:

Insulated Gas fired HLT with CIP

Gas Fired boil kettle with tangental whirlpool port and CIP

Mash tun with recirculation, electric external calandria

Mash tun and boil kettle platform

Brewhouse control panel

Custom grain mill with 30 lbs hopper

2, 1/2 hp pumps

8, 2bbl glycol jacked unitank fermentors

1, 4bbl glycol jacked unitank fermentor (from stout tanks and kettles)

cellar control panel with 8 controllers that uses your phone to operate. Can be set up for remote access.

2 stage Thermaline heat exchanger

2 head semiautomatic keg washer

1.5″ Brewery hoses of varying lengths, extra butterfly valves, elbows, tees, tri-clamps.

5’x8′ venation hood

What’s not included: Glycol chiller, solenoid valves, kegs, keg filler.


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