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At American Beer Equipment, we’re always looking for ways to make things better, stronger and faster! With ABE’s new CraftCan3035 you’ll find your initial investment to be much more manageable, while at the same time, churning out as many as many of other, more expensive systems. Don’t pay for extra features like “Weighing Your Cans”, with our filling system techonology, you automatically eliminate the “weighing of cans” task.

Designed off the same ingenious platform as the very successful CraftCan15, the 3035 is able to produce up to 35 cans per minute based on beer type and operator efficiency.

With a footprint of just under 96” x 24”, this compact design has been specifically engineered with low entry cost in mind. The CraftCan3035 incorporates all the robust features of its slower paced predecessor while ramping up production to a consistent and manageable rate.

Abe’s Patent Pending Servo-Seamer Technology is an unmatched breakthrough in its class.

No other can seamer is able to claim the benefits and advantages of this revolutionary design.

What makes ABE’s Servo-Seamer such a valuable tool for your operation?

– Patent-pending Torque Monitor instantly inspects and assesses seam accuracy on every can.

– Seams not meeting a pre-determined, measured specification are rejected, ensuring maximum quality and shelf stability.

– Greatly reduces product loss and shelf spoilage versus manual inspection.

– Minimizes the need for tedious, manual, tool adjustments as many modifications are made on the touchscreen.

– Utilizing a state-of-the-art, 24-bit Encoder with Servo Positional Accuracy means, repeatable, precision seams within 0.15 degrees.

– The custom engineered algorithm allows for precise seam analysis, never seen before in this class of equipment.

– Because of continuous data logging, maintenance can be done on a predictive, not a reactive basis.

– System diagnostics available for remote troubleshooting.

– Small footprint. 8′ length x 2′ width.

– Production rates of up to 35 CPM. (Speed depends on beer type and operator efficiency)

– Up to 87 cases per hour (12 oz. cans).

– Exclusive 1-piece fill head design for enhanced sanitary environment and increased fill level accuracy.

– Proprietary CO2 Micro-burst action to better manage foam-on-beer.

Can Filler / Lid Application 

– 5 Head / 3-Port CO2 Purge Cycle – precision purge control means reduced dissolved oxygen pick-up resulting in reliable oxygen evacuation.

– 5 Head / 3-Port In-Line Automatic Filler.

– Lift-and-Fill superior filling nozzle technology.

– Quick change Lid Magazine.

– CO2 pressurized lid chute with integrated anti-jamming automation.

– Lid Pick-in-Motion action – improves accuracy and minimizes dissolved oxygen pick-up.

– Proprietary CO2 Gas Tunnel – prevents external oxygen from entering the can before the lid is applied.

– Lid Detection / Rejection system.

Servo Seamer Technology 

– Automated Servo Seamer with Wash-down, IP67 rated Servo Motor.

– Components oversized for repeatable, rugged operation. Cylinder bore size exceeds manufacturer’s recommendation. Internal cylinder uses large bushings for extended life. MIC6 Aluminum Mounting Plates for accurate Seamer alignment.

– “Gentle-Tap”- Lid Tamp Cylinder lightly presses lid-on-can prior to seam action to ensure balanced lid placement to increase seaming accuracy.

– Precise Pin Height Adjustment to ensure proper positioning between Lower Lift Cylinder and the Seam Tooling – easy access for quick and reliable adjustment. Seamer arms are fully accessible and easy to align.

– Protective Seamer Enclosure – Lexan enclosure protect operators from mechanical motion while allowing visual inspection of the operation.

– Heavy Duty Cylinders – Lift cylinders and Linear Drive Cylinders that engage tooling engineered for accurate and reliable seam quality.

– Internal seals are replaceable to minimize maintenance cost.

– Tooling – High-quality American-Made. Titanium coated engineered steel. Rated for up to 25 million cycles.

– Automated can reject and real-time seam analysis system.

– Superior PLC controls with an oversized touchscreen display.

– iPad and iPhone access for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control.

– Random, manual seam inspection is recommended to check seam alignment.

– Transparent enclosures around filler, seamer, rinser.

– Works with a wide variety of can sizes including: 8oz. sleek, 10oz. sleek, 12oz. sleek, 12 oz., 16oz. standard, 24oz. (requires specific modification). 300ml. sleek, 330ml. sleek, 355ml. sleek, 330ml., 350ml., 375ml., 470ml., 500ml., 530ml., 568ml.standard and 250ml., slim Conveyor System

– Solid 304 stainless steel construction

– Main conveyor system with wash down the motor.

– Complete stainless steel drip tray with the central drain.

– Durable 304 Stainless Steel, UHMW, and anodized aluminum construction.

– Operator friendly conveyor height.

– Optional rinse and dry station available.

– Optional wheels to allow CraftCan3035 to be used as a mobile canning system available for additional cost.

– Like all ABE equipment, we provide our customers with a comprehensive Operators Manuals, Preventative Maintenance Schedules and detailed Electrical Schematics for a complete understanding of the Theory of- Operation to ensure long-term success.

The A.B.E. Team
402-475-BEER (2337)
[email protected]

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