5BBL Jacketed UniTank (w/ Peripherals)

Price: $4800

It’s that time again!

We have another new addition to our inventory in Murrieta, CA. 5BBL Jacketed Unitanks for Sale!

All tanks are backed by a 3-Year Warranty and include all components for fermentation and carbonation.

Packaging and shipping provided by and done by XIMO Brewing Equipment.

Individuals located within a 200 mi radius of Murrieta, CA are qualified to LEASE our equipment!


  • Stainless steel (304) sanitary construction
  • 100% TIG welded and sanitary polished
  • Interior Tank Thickness: 3.0 mm
  • Outer Shell Thickness: 2.0 mm
  • Polyurethane Insulation Thickness: 80 mm
  • Glycol Jacket (Dimple-Welded) Thickness: 2.0 mm


  • (x1): Blow Off Arm
  • (x2): Pressure Relief Valve
    • Units will be located on Top Dome & Blow Off Arm
  • (x1): CIP arm with rotating 360° spray ball
  • (x1): Pressure Gauge
  • (x1): Carbonation/Aeration Stone
  • (x1): Racking Arm with DIN Fitting
  • (x1): Sample Valve
  • (x2): Lifting Lugs
  • (x1): Side Shadowless Manway
  • Dual Zone Cooling Jacket with Glycol Inlet and Outlet
    • (x1): Glycol Inlet & Outlet located on Cylinder
    • (x1): Glycol Inlet & Outlet located on Conical
  • (x1): 4in. Hop Addition Port
  • (x1): Thermo-well Port
    • RTD Probe not Included
  • (x4): Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Legs
  • Leg Heights are easily adjustable with foot leveling pads
  • Assortment of Tri-Clamp Sanitary Fittings, Gaskets, & Butterfly Valves

*Premium Package Includes (x1) Spundling Valve

For more information head on over to our product page [Link]

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