4.2 BBL Nano/Pilot System

Price: $75000

We are selling as is.  We are selling as a unit.  Never used.  Asking $75k OBO.  Buyer arranges shipping. Re: 5 Hl. (4.2 BBL) NANO/PILOT BREWERY The proposal below will provide a complete USA made Nano/Pilot brewing system to brew ale/lager style beers. The “center core” brew-house will operate at peak performance with 25 to 30 PSIG steam heating. The system is designed and manufactured in 304 stainless steel, wherever possible and will be glass bead blast, sanitary finish. All insulation will be finished with stainless steel cladding to #2B finish. Additional equipment is offered at additional cost as indicated. BREWHOUSE: One   –    5 Hl. Net, 304 stainless steel step infusion mash/lautertun with side steam heating jacket.                                                              –   Wedge wire sectional false bottom. –  Side door manual grain discharge with grain chute and rake. – Top access manway. –   Sparge head and sparge w/water temperature control unit. –  CIP/SIP spinner –  Water meter for sparging. – Steam temperature control system. – 36” diameter w/2” insulation and 304 stainless steel cladding – 1.0″ inlet, outlet and drain valves – Three, 3/4 inch wort run-off points – Closed grant w/sightglass – Mash paddle – Grist hydrator   One    –  5 Hl. Net, 304 stainless steel brew kettle with bottom and side steam heating jackets – 36” diameter w/2” insulation and 304 stainless steel cladding –  Steam temperature control system – CIP/SIP spinner – Wort tangential inlet -Trub wall with wort outlet – 6” vent with condensate trap and drain. – 1.0″ inlet, outlet and drain valves – Top entry manway door. One     –    Single stage brazed plate wort cooler for process water cooling.   One     –    Wort aeration unit with check and needle control valves.   One      –     Valve swing panel/manifold, pump, control panel are in stainless steel access platform Three Set    –  2 FV’s 1 BBT’s – –  Single zone cooling –  304 stainless steel #2B finish

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